JUNE 8TH-10TH, 2018


Last year we took a group of 14 women to the magical land of Ojai, California.

The theme was BALANCE.

Here’s some of the feedback from our attendees!

Heather McFarlane.png

Heather McFarlane

"I'm a bio-chemist in Culver City. This is my first retreat ever and I'm really happy it was the RA_ RETREAT! What I got out of it was the unexpected remembering that I am a Goddess. Remembering that I can live a life that is not your every day norm. You can step out of your every day norm and retreat, relax and connect with people that are completely out of your world. Which is really necessary in order to find new parts of yourself. I would highly recommend it, no matter what you do, no matter who you are."

hilda flores .png

Hílda Flores

"I would definitely recommend RA_ RETREAT to any of my girlfriends or my mom, any woman in my life! I feel like I just got a recharge. Usually you end the weekend and you're almost tired because you gave so much energy. But I feel so rejuvenated. What I got from the retreat is inspiration. Not only from the facilitators but from the women actually at the retreat. I didn't think that I was going to connect with so many strong women. That was so powerful. It's great to be in a space where you're safe and you can be vulnerable and empowered. I loved every minute of it."

liz habib.png

Liz Habib

"I had the best time! I knew that this would happen because I know the women of RA_; I just knew I that I would feel like I was with my friends, even though I was with strangers. And I did feel like I was with my friends! That made it safe and I needed a safe place because I don't know if I would have been able to do this without a safe place. For me, it was just a great experience. Look at me - I'm smiling! I'm not even thinking about my other life, my real life! I know that I am going to know these people for the rest of my life because I connected to them."