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healing + dance circle


Ceremony makes sacred the seemingly regular motions of our lives. Women are experiencing an incredible emergence at this time in the world. As women, we are strong and made even stronger by gathering together in Sacred Ceremony in the Woman's Spirit Circle. Under her wings and guidance, each participant becomes a living point on the wheel of life and Eaglewoman inspires the wheel to turn with her transformational teachings, dance healings, exercises and blessings.  



career + family balance


Dr. Adrienne Youdim is a board certified MD specializing in clinical nutrition and medical weight loss. In addition to her clinical practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Youdim teaches medical students and residents at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and UCLA and is sought after by TV and media for her expertise, such as The Doctor's and Dr. Phil.  

But her most important role is wife and mother to three children.  In her down time she enjoys cooking, running and writing. 

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to achieve your best self  through balance self care and intention. 


yoga + meditation


Amelia DiDomenico, owner of Amrose Fitness Studio, specializes in personal training the body and mind with humor and love. She will lead a short group exercise class (30-40 minutes for all levels) as well as a presentation on straight-forward and insightful ways to integrate exercise into any lifestyle. Followed by a brief guided meditation (5-10 minutes) and discussion regarding mindfulness in fitness, nutrition and the everyday hustle and bustle. 




Your thoughts bring into existence your positive dreams and aspirations when you reactivate the dormant Spirit within you. First, by openly RECEIVING what your heart desires. Second, by BELIEVING you can have what you wish for and finally going out into the world to ACHIEVE what is in you to do.

Amber's gift of visioning and visualization came to light over seven years ago. She's managed to accomplish many goals and learn so much through creative visual artistry and inspirational manifestos. It has been a blueprint for her to follow when through distractions. She's been able to journal her life through vision manifestos by reflecting on each one year by year to see how far she's come and how much further she has to go. She's gained a new focus and faith within herself through visual manifesting. It gives her motivation to carry through with each goal placed on a platform. 



pilates + strength


Betsy Parker is the owner of Parker Pilates - a chic private studio in Los Angeles, CA. Now in her 60’s, she has 25 years experience transforming the bodies of Hollywood stars, professional athletes, as well as people of all ages and levels of fitness. She specializes in one-on-one private sessions without distractions, focusing on breathing, core placement, sculpting, toning, strengthening, and improving overall posture and flexibility.


During her one-hour session, she will demonstrate the smooth, fluid, controlled movements she helps her clients perfect through breathing. Don’t have a Cadillac reformer or ladder barrel at home? Don’t worry, she’ll show you how to recreate all the studio moves right on your mat where you can practice anywhere. These non-jarring, elegant movements will have your muscles burning and temples sweating without compromising your joints. 


business building + marketing


Palo Santo Studios is a holistic sales & branding studio that bridges the gap between a collection and it’s purpose. Through creative services such as photoshoots, seasonal campaigns, social content, brand development, & digital assets, and sales services such as wholesale brand representation, social media boosting, and retail success strategies, Palo Santo Studios is able to actualize a brand’s goal of reaching it’s target audience. Cassie, the director and founder of the studio, will be sharing her journey of starting her own business, while still maintaining her core values and refusing to abandon personal health & wellness. She’ll also walk you through the steps of creating impactful and aesthetic social imagery by guiding you through a creative make-your-own instagram-able wellness mocktail class. After you’ve snapped and shared your mocktail across social channels, Cassie will lead a Q&A (while you sip your drink) offering insight into any questions you may have about how to launch a brand and achieve your own definition of success. 

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beautify + pamper


End this amazing retreat with a trip to our luxury  salon on the way out! Indulge in an organic oil treatment for your hair and scalp as well as a blow out to start your week out right!