(noun) a keen and quick insight; pure, untaught non-inferential knowledge

Below is a quick glance at the workshops + activities constructed to gently clear hindrances and help you harness your intuition. It will be challenging, it will be different, but most of all - it will be fun!


vibe + vinyasa

Start the day off right with breath work and flow. Led by the wonderful Sonya Trejo!


mala + manifestion

Create your own personal prayer beads to help guide you into the life you want to live.


gathering + dance circle

We’ll honor ourselves with an intentional dance party! Use movement to flush out what doesn’t serve you.

healing + massage

Enjoy the magic of self care!


tour + explore

Sayulita is a quaint fishing + surf village full of color and culture! Spend some time sight seeing and falling in love.


daze + cruise

Spend the afternoon sailing around Sayulita - swimming, snorkeling, soaking in the sun and watching it set. (We heard this is the perfect place to witness the green flash!)


hike + journal

Take a guided walk through the magical jungle and stop to contemplate at the ancient Huichol waterfalls.


bonfire + story telling

Story telling is an ancient form of passing down important information. Here, we will learn from old tales of INTUITION and explore our own voices.


clarity + meditation

Delve deep into this third eye opening experience. Led by intuitive - Megan Maione.

Special Add Ons!

* Private Yoga * Tarot Reading *

insta sonya.jpg

Sonya Trejo

Sonya shares her "Vibey Vinyasa Flow" yoga to work your body & soul. Set to fun playlists that guide you on a musical journey building strength, equanimity & breath awareness. She brings a sense of lightheartedness to the Vinyasa Flow. Her dedication to the power of breath to movement encourages others to cultivate conversations with their own bodies. Her focus is on inclusivity and she believes in a yoga practice that invites a "come as you are - come together" energy. Her love of yoga shines through her sequences designed with the intention of shifting energy into alignment.

Get to know Sonya on instagram @eighthlightyoga

Sonya is offering our guests special rates for an add on private session during the retreat!

60 min SINGLE - $75- ($90 regular rate)

60 min DOUBLE - $125 ($150 regular price)


Megan Maione

Megan has been practicing the art of tarot and intuitive readings for over twenty years. She has fostered her craft from a rich combination of lived experiences, her deep commitment to compassionate healing and her natural intuitive gifts. Early in life, she discovered a special ability to help guide people through their personal struggles using the tarot as a tool for opening deeply-buried channels of communication between the everyday self and the spiritual self. She possesses an inborn psychic talent for tapping into the ever-changing energies that reside in all of us.

Get to know Megan on instagram @tarotbymegan

Megan is offering our guests special rates for readings during the retreat!

15 min - $50 ($60 regular rate)

30 min - $100 ($120 regular rate)

60 min - $200 ($240 regular rate)